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The Coalition for Dwarf Advocacy (CoDA) was formed in late 2006 to:

  • Advocate for the full rights and benefits of individuals with short stature (dwarfs), and their families within the public and private sectors of society;
  • Focus its advocacy efforts to advance the rights and benefits of individuals with short stature (dwarfs), in the areas of medicine, vocation, education, adoption, and public accommodation; and
  • Work with and assist other nonprofit organizations for the betterment of the lives of individuals with short stature (dwarfs) and to increase public awareness of the needs and abilities of such individuals.

People of extreme short stature, medically known as dwarfs (also commonly called “little people”), face a myriad of challenges in society today.  Some of the major issues include those dealing with physical and program accessibility, education and health care needs, and discrimination in employment.

It is well known within the disability community and among affected individuals that a great deal of work needs to be done to ensure that dwarfs have equal opportunity and acceptance in all aspects of society.

While some of these needs, to varying degrees, are addressed by some of the existing non-profit organizations and government agencies, a great deal of work still needs to be done.

To address this need, many leaders in the area of dwarfism suggested the formation of an action-oriented organization that could focus on the critically unserved or under-served needs of dwarfs in the U.S.