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Where to Buy a Jogging Stroller

Double jogging strollerWhen contemplating on what stroller to buy, you have to keep in mind at all times the comfort of your baby. This is because jogging can be pretty bumpy and rough for your little one. Besides the comfort of your child, you also need to consider how intense your jogging will be. This is because strollers with high end running features can be a little too expensive, and it would be a pity if that money went to waste as you did not intend to jog a lot with the stroller. Here are the features of a jogging stroller.

1. Large Pneumatic Tires

The size of the tires of your stroller matters a lot. This is because wheels are what get into direct contact with the ground, thus are key features in the absorption of shock. For a jogging stroller, the dimensions of the front wheel should ideally be 12 inches, with the bigger rear wheels measuring about 16 inches. The bigger the diameter of the stroller is the better, since that means more air in the wheels to reduce the impact of the strollers hurtling over uneven ground.

2. Locking Front Wheel

The front wheel plays a crucial role in guiding the course of the stroller. Having a front wheel that is not firmly held in place can be dangerous for your baby. This is because in the course of its wobbling every time it hits an unexpected obstacle increases the risk of an accident occurring. Therefore, as you go about looking for what stroller to buy, you should consider buying those that have wheels that can be completely locked.

3. Suspension Systems

The suspension system of the stroller is also something that you must consider when buying a stroller. This is because it is what absorbs shocks in the stroller thus ensuring maximum comfort for your baby. If the stroller has a weak suspension system, it means that your child will have a bumpy stroll, which can have particularly nasty repercussions especially for very little babies.

4. Under-seat Storage Basket

Buying a stroller with extra storage space for things you and your baby will need when out strolling or jogging makes the experience a lot better. An under- the seat basket can serve more purposes than being a storage space. Storing items beneath the seat lowers the stroller’s center of gravity, thus increasing the stability of the stroller. This helps the stroller not to overturn when in use, thus protecting your baby from the risks that can result from an overturned stroller.

thule-urbanWhere to Buy a Double Jogging Stroller

In case you are wondering where to buy the best double jogging stroller, you can order for one online or even go stroller- hunting in mortar and brick stores. Some of the best jogging strollers include BoB strollers, Thule Urban Glide and Baby Trend Expedition, to mention but a few.


Double jogging strollers are a great way to exercise while bonding with your baby out in the open. If you invest in a good stroller, you can enjoy its services for many years to come.

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