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Month: April 2016

Finding the Best Carpet Cleaner

Carpets are essential components of indoor decor, which is why you should keep them clean. Carpet cleaning not only helps to improve the appearance of your house as well as extending the life of the carpet itself. It goes a long way in eliminating/preventing mold growths, trapped pollutants, dust mites infections and a multitude of other allergens, all of which would take a toll on your family’s health and indoor quality of air.

The choice of the carpet cleaner is as good as the process itself, therefore, the need to choose a good machine. Just like selecting a rug, choosing the right cleaner is tough, as there are varieties to choose from, all differing in power, convenience, and mode of operation. To select a machine that matches your needs best, you need to do proper research. Consider the following when purchasing/renting a the best carpet cleaner:

1. Performance
The first thing to look for in a carpet cleaner is its performance. Where possible, look for a cleaner with two or more brushes. Normally, the more the brushes, the more efficient, the cleaner will be in lifting dirt from your carpet. Another thing to look for is the suction. A good rug cleaner should be able to suction off water from the whole area covered by the base, not just the front side.

2. Weight
Your age and needs will to a great extent influence your choice. If you are senior, or you have difficulties in getting around, go for a light-weight cleaner. But if you are a mother of toddlers and faced with frequent spills, opt for a heavy duty one to clean dirt and mess from deep and within.

If you are a pet owner, go for a cleaner that allows for hot water cleaning to effectively sterilize your carpets. A rug cleaner with detachable brushes will be a good choice to remove entangled pet hair with a lot of ease.

3. Additional Features
Additional features can facilitate the cleaning of your carpets. So, take a careful look at the features offered. Since the cleaners with additional features can be a bit expensive, look for a device with features that you will actually need. If the cleaner has features that you don’t require, better save your cash.

4. Convenience
Look for a carpet cleaner with a cord larger than the average length to avoid unplugging from power when cleaning. Also choose a device with additional accessories to provide versatile cleaning of upholstery furniture and steam pipes.


Thank You!

Little People of America is very thankful and very appreciative of
CODA’s efforts to support LPA’s scholarship program.  College students
that have benefitted from the LPA scholarship program have gone on to
become doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, teachers, and many other
worthwhile careers to benefit people around the world.

A scholarship award such as the one CODA provides lessens the
financial burden of college costs and allows students to better focus
on their college studies and get the most out of their college
experience.  As a consequence, these students can achieve academic
success and serve as a role model for younger men and women in the LPA

LPA receives many applications for scholarships every year, and with
CODA providing a scholarship, LPA can give more scholarships to more
individuals attending college, maximizing the impact that LPA college
students can have on society.

In today’s world, having a job cannot be taken for granted.  With
employers cutting expenses and the job market more competitive now
than in the past, having a college education is essential in obtaining
a successful career.  It is through the generosity of organizations
such as CODA that LPA college students can benefit and make a
tremendous impact.